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Here you will find a collection of pictures that have been posted on the home page of this website throughout the year
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Not all of these pictures are necessarily 'marketable' images. They are more of a way for you as the guest to see new and
possibly exciting looks into what the photographer is seeing and or doing week by week.

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Two Bulls - (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

The Two Bulls, Yellowstone National Park, WY
January 21, 2013
As another year passes, I still find myself taking
more than just a week to post an image...please bear
with me folks! I am shooting images, but not posting
as regularly as I would like to...  Recently, I was able
to spend some time with two of Yellowstone's
"charismatic mega-fauna"... The bison & elk... I liked
the setting on the two bulls of different species. I
hope to update my gallery pages soon as there are
more images of these and other animals that will be
on-line soon enough.  Happy New Year to all of you
& thank you for checking in with me!  
Mouse over this
image for a look at a bull elk enjoying the winter sun
Big Bull No. 10 - (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Big Bull Number 10, Yellowstone National Park,
January 27, 2013
Another view of an amazing old patriarch of
Yellowstone's Northern Range. "Number 10" was
given a yellow ear tag a few years back because of
his often (too) close encounters with humans during
the elk's mating season.  He is near 15 years old and
is making it through another winter by relaxing in the
warm sun. His antlers could weigh near 30 lbs. total.  
I'm sure he is ready to shed that extra weight!
over this image for a look at a second bull elk
enjoying the winter sun
. The 2nd bull's antler tines
(points) total 8 on his left and 7 on his right. Quite
Golden Eagle - (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Golden Eagle Breakfast, Yellowstone National
Park, WY
February 15, 2013
Rounding the corner along the road corridor of the
Lamar River & Soda Butte Creek confluence ~ an
amazing, wild sight caught our attention! A beautiful
Golden eagle was feasting on a duck, which I
presume to be either a Barrows or Common golden
eye, as they are most common along this stretch of
open waters in winter.  
Mouse over this image for a
view of its flight off the ground
, with a wingspan of
6-7 feet!
Bull Bison Skull - (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Bull Bison Skull, Yellowstone National Park, WY
March 7, 2013
There are many reasons for posting this image...
First, I have not been shooting much lately. Second,
it signifies the winter wolf study that is taking place
right now ("food for the masses"). Third, the bison
hunt for tribal members was a success (much better
than the alternative option).  This bull sustained
injuries during the rut and died in September. The
beginning stages of the Junction Butte wolf pack
fed upon him, as well as multiple grizzly bears, not to
mention countless birds and insects. Now is the time
of the year for the surviving bison to push on a bit
more until spring arrives...
755M - Lamar Canyon Pack Alpha - (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

755M, Yellowstone National Park, WY
March 21, 2013
My "birthday shot"... On March 13th, I was blessed
to be at the right place at the right time!  755M
stood & howled just outside our window at the only
nearby pullout in Lamar Valley. His new mate had
been seriously injured the day before by his
offspring from a previous mate. At this moment, he
was tempting a reconnect with some of his pups, but
alas, just after this image was taken, he moved
Mouse over this image to see another image of him
.... My client looked over his shoulder and
told me, "
you know, he's wishing you a Happy

Ferruginous Hawk of The Lamar, Yellowstone
National Park, WY
April 7, 2013
My last winter scene picture (most likely) for this
season... I embark on an island adventure tomorrow
for a while before summer season here in
Yellowstone. The Garden Isle of Kauai is
beckoning , and I must heed her call....
This Ferruginous Hawk was patiently perched for
quite a while.  Spring is here and the birds, like this
hawk ~ bluebirds, sandhill cranes and meadowlarks
are returning to the park as the blanket of snow
quickly disappears.
My next image will likely be an update from Hawaii...
Mouse over this image for a view of the Na Pali
on the west side of Kauai (image taken
Great Gray Owl & Moon Set (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Great Gray Owl & Full April Moon, Yellowstone
National Park, WY
April 27, 2013
This is my most favorite bird in Yellowstone, the
Great Gray Owl.... Near Geode Creek this
morning, we were the first to find this magnificent
creature hunting near the roadside. Today is the
first day that I noticed the traffic & park visitation
picking up for the season, so this soon became a
full-fledged, "Owl Jam"!
Mouse over this image for a view of April's full moon
set over the southern terminus of the Gallatin
Mountain Range and Antler Peak
. The full moon
image was taken, April 26th from the Blacktail
Koloa Tree Tunnel - (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Koloa Tree Tunnel, Kauai, Hawaii
May 14, 2013 (updated) - April 20, 2013 (image
The Koloa Tree Tunnel does not quite intertwine
branches as it did before Hurricane Iwa in 1982 &
Hurricane Iniki in 1992.  Maybe more of a "tree
corridor" now, yet it is beautiful none the less! A
well photographed location, but before I saw images,
it caught my eye, and we had to stop for me to take a
few shots.  Walter Duncan McBryde donated over
500 eucalyptus trees to the county in the early
1900's. They were
"left over" from landscaping his
home...  Many residents assisted in the planting and
today, it makes a very scenic drive on Hawaii's
Garden Island.
Isolation on the Lower Falls (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Isolation on the Lower Falls, Grand Canyon of the
May 22, 2013
This composition caught my eye in August of 2011.
Now, I can not,
not notice it every time I look at the
Lower Falls.... I have never seen this isolated scene
in any other photographers work.... With one
exception, last year, a similar composition won in a
regional magazine contest... None the less, I guess
that I am glad that other photographers are noticing
what I appreciate in an image.
As the Lower Falls flows with near 60,000 gallons
of water per second in spring/early summer runoff, it
is a wonderful backdrop to the isolation of the lone
evergreen tree on the canyon wall.
Wolf & Grizzly Interaction (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Predatory Meeting, Yellowstone Back Country
June 4, 2013
I would rather not divulge the location of these
images as it was a location that this wolf pack's
denning area could be disturbed if too many people
knew about it. It was one of those moments in time!
2.2 million acres in Yellowstone, 10 wolf packs, with
possibly 10 den sites occupied.... On this day, we
walk into 1 of those 10 sites at the same exact time
that a large grizzly bear approaches from the north.
"Camera, Set.... Action!".... This became a 20-30
minute interaction where we were so close (over
100+yards) that we could hear the monotone
grumbling of the grizzly bear and the stress bark of
the wolves....
Mouse over this image for another look
at the match
Black Bear & Twin Lake Sunrise - (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Bear Breakfast & Twin Lake Sunrise, Yellowstone
June 25, 2013
With many flowers in bloom, this cinnamon black bear
was enjoying the high elevation dandelions for a
morning meal. True omnivores, black bears and
grizzlies will eat plant & animal as the seasons of
Yellowstone progress.  With an ever watchful eye on
its surroundings, this beautiful bear ate its meal near
Dunraven Pass along the western slopes of Mount
Mouse over this image for spectacular
sunrise light
! This 2nd image was taken the other
morning at Twin Lakes, south of Roaring Mountain.
The light changed within seconds... I felt blessed to
have witnessed such a moment
(and happy to have had it all to myself!).
School of Bison & Great Gray Owl (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

A School of Bison & Great Gray Owl,
Yellowstone NP, WY
July 21, 2013
Typically, groups of bison are called herds....but in
this case, I think that I could advocate for the group
to be called, a
school of bison (such as a school of
fish). The bison mating season is gearing up and this
large group of bison swam the Yellowstone River on
the north side of Hayden Valley to congregate in
the central grasslands of the Yellowstone Plateau.
Mouse over this image for a view of a Great Gray
. I had a special moment last week with a client
who had a very important wish to see this elusive
creature... We found not just one, but 3... An adult
and two chicks that recently fledged their nesting
Moose Yoga (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Moose Yoga, Yellowstone NP, WY
August 12, 2013
Not your common bull moose pose... That's why I
chose this one for the most recent picture to post.  I
have referred to him as Yellowstone's "Teton
Moose".  He is one of the bigger bulls that I have
seen inside Yellowstone's boundaries in a while!  
I was thinking of what yoga pose this could be... Any
This bull was eating the greens & purple flowers
from the nearby Fireweed... I guess a tasty treat
while his antlers finish their final bit of growth. He
has been hanging out near the Petrified Tree area of
Tower Junction.
The Rutting Bull & Blood Moon - (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

The Rutting Bull, Yellowstone NP, WY
August 19, 2013
With the bison rut in full swing, I caught this old bull
lounging in a sandy pit this morning.  I think that this
image says it all.... TIRED....  He looked to be an
older bull, done with the silliness of the mating
season... Just waiting for the snow to fall so the
flies won't be such a bother.
Mouse over this image to see the natural look of the
near full moon over Gardiner a few nights ago. With
fires burning in Idaho, sending smoke into our area,
this was the result the other night.
Bull Moose x 2 - (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Not One, But Two..., Yellowstone NP, WY
September 5, 2013
"Peek a boo, it's bull moose times 2!"...  I was happy
to come across the bull moose again on a morning
drive on the Blacktail Plateau a few days ago.  Not
just one, but both big mature bulls were just feet
away from each other! As the velvet is shed from
their newly formed antlers, their friendly behavior
might turn quickly pretty soon... These are the two
biggest bull moose that I have come across in
I was recently counting my moose sightings over the
years... Just this year, I can easily say that I have
seen 25 different moose! Now twenty-five years
post 1988 Fires, their numbers seem to be on the
Grizzlies & Wolves Feed on Bison Carcass - (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Age Old Education, Yellowstone NP, WY
September 15, 2013
A female grizzly bear teaches her cubs at an early
age how to work getting a free meal.  A larger boar
grizzly exits the site while 2 out of 5 of the adult
Junction Butte Pack of wolves await their turn to
This bison might have sustained injuries during the
mating season and fell over and died. Grizzlies,
wolves, magpies, ravens and coyotes have all been
seen feeding at this location near the confluence of
Soda Butte Creek & the Lamar River.
Mule Deer Buck (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Autumn Buck, Yellowstone NP, WY
September 24, 2013
Grasslands have faded & the forest under story has
changed to red & yellow. Mule deer bucks have shed
their velvet and are ready to rumble!
This fine specimen was alert to a nearby black
bear... His attentive ears and stoic stance are
obvious signs that something has his full attention.
The young black bear after having a bit of a look,
quickly scampered away. This guy will begin a whole
new chapter in his life this year ~ mating, surviving,
shedding his antlers and starting a new year again!
Bald Eagle / Centennial Valley Moon (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Bald Eagle & the Hunter's Moon
October 21, 2013
As the slow season has arrived to Yellowstone, it is
the time to ready for the hardships of the winter
season that is soon coming.... This mature bald eagle
perched above the Yellowstone River is awaiting a
mid day meal of duck or possibly fish.
Mouse over this image for a look at the Hunter's
as it rose over the magnificent Centennial
Valley in a remote part of SW Montana.
* My sincere apologies for not updating this site... I
truly hope to get back into the rhythm in the near
future! Thanks for continuing to check in!
Traveling Autum Grizzly - (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Traveling Autumn Grizzly, Yellowstone National
Park, WY
November 5, 2013
I have not been out with the camera much lately, but I
needed to catch up with this nice sighting! October
25th had this large boar grizzly bear consuming a
bison leg bone on the edges of the Blacktail Ponds.  
The next morning, he was clear up on Swan Lake
Mouse over this image for that sighting.
As both black and grizzly bears are hyperphagic this
time of the year, eating as much as they can before
hibernation, I assume that he travelled the old road
cut behind Bunsen Peak after crossing the Gardiner
River near the High Bridge of Mammoth to get up to
Swan Lake Flats.

Bighorn Lamb & Ewe, Corwin Springs, Mont.
November 28, 2013
The sound of cracking horns can be heard
reverberating off canyon walls this time of year...
The Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep are in full rut
right now and it is typical that the human observer  
tends to focus attention on the robust ram.... In this
case, I chose to isolate the larger scene to this
moment of lamb & ewe. I liked how the lamb was able
to fill in the space of her broken right horn for a nice
mom & kid portrait.
Yellowstone River Flow at MINUS 22 degrees (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Yellowstone River at -22F, Paradise Valley, Mont.
December 6, 2013
The cold has set in on Montana this week with a
stretch of minus degree temp's! The image was taken
at a access point called Mallard's Rest in the heart
of Paradise Valley. It was MINUS 22 degrees
Fahrenheit. This location is special to me as it is
where my wife & I 'renewed our vows' with friends and
family way back in September of 2004.  On the day
this image was taken, surface water was freezing with
ice building on the slower moving bends in the river &
steam was filling the channel throughout the valley
A Moment in The Lamar (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

The Wispy Clouds of Lamar, Yellowstone National
December 27, 2013
With a temperature of 4 degrees F and not a cloud
in the sky, the cold temperature warmed as the
morning sun rose higher in the sky over the Lamar
Valley.  I liked the composition of this undulating
cloud over the valley cottonwoods. The moment was
gone in just a few seconds, so was only available for
those who happen to see it.
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