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Bison Snowscape - Copyright MacNeil Lyons Images
Bison Snowscape
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Bison Eye
To learn more about bison management in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, try these links:
Wild Free Roaming Bison being harrassed by NPS Rangers
Bison Management Pictures
Images taken by MacNeil Lyons Images
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National Park Service Rangers Haze Bison,
Yellowstone National Park, near Gardiner, Montana
February 25, 2008
As I was not allowed to photograph in front of the bison, as I might interfere with
the hazing operations, this was one of the few pictures I was able to take.  This
image shows National Park Service rangers hazing bison already well
inside the
"protection" of the park boundaries towards a capture facility, also located inside
Yellowstone N.P.
This mixed herd of cows and calves will eventually be sent to a slaughter house
instead of returning to the wild. Just a few minutes after this picture was taken,
these free-roaming bison were confined to a holding facility, awaiting the next step
in the current bison management process.  
As of  02-26-08
760 Yellowstone bison have been sent to slaughter this
Bison Leave Yellowstone - Copyright MacNeil Lyons Images
Bison leaving via the Roosevelt Arch,
Yellowstone National Park, Gardiner, Montana
March 2, 2008
One day after the 136th birthday of Yellowstone National Park, 11
more bison were leaving the protection of the park.  This is becoming a
movement that is occuring daily - cow bison leading others on a scent trail
left by other bison - straight north towards the capture facility near
Stephen's Creek (inside the park boundaries). These free-roaming bison
will most likely be confined to a holding facility, awaiting the next step in the
current bison management process - possibly a slaughter house.  
As of  02-26-08
760 Yellowstone bison have been sent to
slaughter this year
Bison Calf - Gardiner HS Football Field - 03-20-08
An Uncertain Future, Gardiner, Montana
March 20, 2008 -
991 Bison Sent To Slaughter, so far...
Today alone, over 70+ bison left the protection of Yellowstone National Park by
passing through the Roosevelt Arch here in Gardiner, Mont. Yesterday it was three
groups, totaling 80 or more!  The Stephen's Creek Capture Facility was recently
emptied of its bison (sent to slaughter) to make room for more bison.  This calf (still in
orange coat) is following its herd, on the scent path of the bison that traveled before
them... Within an hour of this picture - this group of 50 were out of sight of the town -
headed north, straight to the capture facility.  
for current information regarding bison management .
The Billings Gazette - March 18, 2008
The New West Magazine - The Voice Of The Rocky Mountains
---- March 2008 ----
Write your Congress now regarding this issue,
with the help of the Buffalo Field Campaign:
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Special Alert! Largest Wild Bison Slaugter since the 19th Century
Bison Stare Down - Copyright MacNeil Lyons Images
Bison Stare Down
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