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Picture Of The Week Page - 2015
Here you will find a collection of pictures that have been posted on the home page of this website throughout the year
of 2015. Follow one of the links to previous 'Pictures of the Year' pages using the navigation bar above!  

Not all of these pictures are necessarily 'marketable' images. They are more of a way for you as the guest to see new and
possibly exciting looks into what the photographer is seeing and or doing week by week.

If there are any images that you would like to know more about or possibly purchase, please do not hesitate to contact
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Golden Eagles (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

A Golden Promise, Yellowstone Nat'l Park, Wyoming
January 13, 2015
This couple of Golden Eagles have been around for some time along the
eastern side of the Lamar Valley.  Most likely, they have a nest on the
eastern side of Druid Peak (& hopefully they will have chicks this summer!).
During winter if carrion is not easily available, then the Goldeneye duck or
Mallards are next on the eagles diet.  Here they sit, awaiting the next
opportunity above Soda Butte Creek.
Mouse over this image for a view of the male flying off (smaller of the two).
Bighorn Ram (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Golden Circle, Corwin Springs, Montana
February 2, 2015
There is something about this animal that I can not get enough of...  The
natural curvature of the Rocky Mountain Bighorn ram is spectacular.  A
creature that can leap over chasms and go up (and down) near vertical cliffs is
an animal to be respected... This image was obviously tweaked a bit for the
contrast and color tones, but as I have posted quite a few bighorn images in
months past, I wanted to try something different...  I hope you enjoy!
Biggest Ram & Fox Shadow - (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Biggest Ram & Shadow Fox, Yellowstone National Park, WY
March 10, 2015
This is the biggest Rocky Mountain bighorn that I have had the chance to
photograph!  I am estimating his age around 13-15 yrs old....  Seeming well in
his later years, it was surprising that he hadn't "broomed off" his horns.  He
was starting the curve outward.  A truly amazing mountain creature!
Mouse over this image for a quick peek at a red fox checking out his shadow
in the Lamar Valley
Creature from Craters of the Moon (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve, Central Idaho
March 30, 2015
A recent road trip found us in Craters of the Moon National Monument. I
was really hoping for better weather and photographic opportunities, but alas,
it was overcast, dreary and hard to find something striking.  Trying to focus
on something unique, I found this exposed root from a nearby evergreen
surrounded by volcanic rock.  Do you see the face of an "ancient sea
Mouse over this image to see livin' in Old Arco, Idaho....
926F & Trail Creek Road (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Yellowstone Wolf (926F) and Back-country Montana Roads
April 10, 2015
I was very fortunate to have been the first to find a recently deceased
Bighorn ram above the Lamar River the other day...  I assumed it might have
been killed by a cougar (as the same had occurred less than a week before in
same area), but after some birds had fed, we found two wolves feeding.  It
might have been their kill all along.
Mouse over this image for a look at one of my favorite back-country dirt
roads in Park County, Montana.
Reflections Along The Lamar - (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Lamar Reflections Along The Lamar, Yellowstone NP, WY
May 15, 2015
I have been long overdue with a new image to update this page...for that I am
sorry...  Please do keep checking in!
This morning weather seemed confused as it began foggy, looking like a rainy
morning, but opened up to sun and blue sky... Only to go back to clouds and
rain.  Here is an interesting 'smoke-like trail' of low clouds that hung in the
valley as the sun crested the eastern ridges and dense dark upper masses.
Snowshoe Hare & Great Horned Owlet (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Snowshoe Hare Surprise, Yellowstone NP, WY
June 21, 2015
It has been quite a few years since I was able to photograph a snowshoe
hare!  This was a special moment to be on an off-trail walkabout and to
happen upon this elusive creature...  I knew the moment that I saw it, it would
make a nice composition (slightly back lit to show through the thin ears).
Mouse over this image to see a young Great Horned owl in morning light.
Still not fledged from the nest in the burned out tree.

Wet Weasel, Yellowstone NP, WY
August 11, 2015
This Long-tailed weasel tried to cross the road once in Hayden Valley, but
was a little spooked. I anticipated a second attempt and with the early morning
sunrise cutting through the fog, the little carnivorous creature made another
run....  The alert stance could be interpreted as inquisitive or maybe just
nervous as to what I was.  A quick but very fun moment with a lesser seen
Yellowstone creature.
Swan Lake Flats Sunrise (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Autumn Colors on a Swan Lake Flat Sunrise, Yellowstone NP, WY
September 12, 2015
One of my personal favorite places to visit at sunrise in the spring and fall
seasons.  You can NOT go wrong poking around with a camera here!  As the
early fog held over Swan Lake, it began to spread and build as the sun began
to fill the meadow.  Electric Peak always dominates the view and the bull elk
on this morning were so riled up, there were at least four bulls bugling,
sometimes calling over top each other!  The Season of the Elk is once again
upon us!
Autumn Color/Electric Peak Moon/MHS Moon - (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Splash of Autumn & Two-Time Moon Set, Yellowstone NP, WY
October 3, 2015
I have been photographing Electric Peak from different angles over the past
15+ years.  This was a brand new spot for me!  The composition would not
have been so special if not for the autumn colors in the aspen and the setting
Mouse over this image to see the moon set again, but from a lower
elevated perspective ~ above Canary Spring, on the Mammoth Hot Springs
Upper Terraces.
Apple Eatin' Grizzly (c) MacNeil Lyons Images

Apple Lovin' Grizzly, Gardiner, Montana
November 17, 2015 (image: 10/2009)
I have not been with camera for the last few weeks, so I dug up this interesting
composition from the archives.  Don't ever let someone tell you that a grizzly
bear "can't climb trees".... Here is proof!  As he ate all the apples that were
on the ground, just up above were more delicious morsels!  It was not a
graceful climb, but he certainly got up there!
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