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Picture Of The Week - 2007
Tom Miner Basin, Montana - April 7, 2007
Hoar frost covered everything this morning. As the afternoon hours
progressed, the willow lost its coating of ice crystals - falling from
each branch like broken shards of glass.
Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, Montana - April 13,2007
Joe Regula and I snowmobiled 9 miles into the wilderness boundary line. From
there we skied in to Goose Lake.  The conditions were so perfect for
backcountry telemark skiing we did the same run 5 times in a row!  A total climb of
2,500' after the day was done. A perfect way to spend Friday the 13th!
Eastern Shore Sunset, April 23, 2007
While visiting family on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I took a
boat out with a friend on the Little Choptank River. We hunted for
washed up fossils and arrowheads and found a spectacular sunset
(but not much else).
Tree Swallow, May 18, 2007
This morning my wife Lucy and I took a short walk off the road near
Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park.  We found a small
"natural bird sanctuary" among an aspen grove. Tree Swallows, House
Wrens, and a Williamson's Sapsucker were all around us! Note the old
black bear scrape to the right of the nesting cavity.
Mollie's Wolf Pack & Grizzly Bear, May 19, 2007
This time of year in Yellowstone is perfect for early morning views of grizzly bears and
wolves! I found myself at the Yellowstone Lake shoreline near Mary Bay this morning
at 5:00a.m.  I was rewarded for the early rise with all six wolves of the Mollie's Wolf Pack
trying to take meat from a carcass that was dominated by a large grizzly bear...  
Move your mouse over this image to see how a wolf pack wins the food source
from the great bear! (Answer - teamwork).
Balsamroot and the Grand Tetons, May 25, 2007
Usually I don't have free time to get south to Grand Teton National
Park during the spring sesaon. This year was different - with just a
two-day chance, Lucy and I enjoyed a quick trip to the Tetons!
American Badger,  May 24, 2007
This young badger was hanging around the historic barn at the
Lamar Buffalo Ranch in Yellowstone National Park.  A strikingly
beautiful, yet very serious animal!
Columbine,  June 10, 2007
Just outside the east gate of Yellowstone there lies a patch of
Columbine.  Yellow and some with a pinkish hue, they lined a
section of trail along the North Fork of the Shoshone River.
Elk Cow and Calf,  June 15, 2007
In the early morning light on the Yellowstone River stood a cow elk and her
young calf.  The cool morning temperatures created a low lying mist around the
finger of land she used to protect her little one from neighboring grizzly bears.
Foxy Reflection,  June 20, 2007
While driving through Hayden Valley, this fox caught my attention
at a distance.  As the fox came closer, it turned to give a perfect
reflection in the waters of Elk Anter Creek.
Seed Design,  June 30, 2007
Gardiner, Montana is drying and the fire season is now officially upon
us. Taking a walk up the foothills of Sepulcher Mountain this morning I
noticed this large bloom ready to dispurse it's seed packets to the wind.
Blacktail Deer Fawn,  July 6, 2007
Paradise Valley, Montana is a changing environment.  Large
ranches are transforming to smaller subdivisions.  The agriculture
enhanced the high numbers of deer to the valley floor, now they
are a "nuisance" because of the deer along the roadways.
Obsidian Knife Blade - Yellowstone N.P.
Hafted Obsidian Knife Blade,  July 11, 2007
1,000 - 2,000 year old obsidian knife blade.  Found on Yellowstone National Park's
Northern Range, in an area that has
not been inventoried by park archeologists.  
Thought to have been quarried from Obsidian Cliff here in Yellowstone and
attached to a handle (bone/antler/wood).  
Move your mouse over the obsidian image to see the other side!!!!
Kintla Lake, Glacier Nat'l Park, Copyright MacNeil Lyons Images
Kintla Lake Rainbow,  August 24, 2007
Kintla Lake on the west side of Glacier National Park was our starting
point for a 7-day long adventure.  My wife Lucy and friends Mel and
Doug traversed the entire park from Kintla Lake to Many Glacier - a
distance of 74.5 miles.  The night before the hike we watched a
double-rainbow right from our campsite!
Upper Kintla Lake Wood Turtle,  August 25, 2007
This naturally-formed driftwood "turtle" was found on the shore
of Upper Kintla Lake in Glacier National Park.  A traverse  from
Kintla Lake to Many Glacier - a distance of 74.5 miles - was the
adventure that we completed just over a  week ago.
Yellowstone River & Gardiner, Mont.,  September 21, 2007
An elevated perspective of the Yellowstone River corridor and the small
town of Gardiner, Montana.  This picture was taken from the top of
Rattlesnake Butte. Autumn is here and the aspen are changing colors!  
(Notice the Bear Creek bridge is in the bottom right corner)
Full Moon Rise, West Thumb Geyser Basin, Yellowstone N.P.  
September 26, 2007
Once in a great while, I get the chance to see nature in it's finest!  This was
one such opportunity - the full moon rising over the Absaroka Mountains
from West Thumb Geyser Basin - along the shoreline of Lake Yellowstone.
Golden Eagle, Bridger Raptor Festival, Bozeman, Mont
October 14, 2007
One of a few birds that were injured and not able to stay in the wild
were on display at the Bridger Raptor Festival at Bridger Bowl
Ski Resort this past weekend. A wonderful opportunity to inspect
a magnificent bird up close and personal!
Autumn on the Yellowstone_Copyright_MacNeil_Lyons_Images
Autumn along the Yellowstone River,
near Tom Miner Basin, Mont.
October 19, 2007
It is the time of year for transition. Fall colors along the Yellowstone
River are now fading  and snow is blanketing the high country in beautiful
Jack O'Lantern, carved by Lisa Whitwell, Gardiner, Mont.
October 31, 2007
Happy Halloween everyone!  We didn't have any trick-or-treaters
this year on our end of town. But, scary movies and candy kept us in
the spirit of the season.
Kauai Country Side & Seattle Skyline - MacNeil Lyons Images
Kauai Country - Hawaiian Islands & Seattle Skyline, WA
November 20, 2007
Lucy and I just recently returned from an adventure to the western most island in
Hawaii, called Kauai.  It was a wonderful time spent relaxing on beaches, snorkeling
along colorful reefs, hiking in dense jungles and basically being happily removed
from the Montana cold.
Mouse over the image to see a picture of the downtown Seattle
skyline from Bainbridge Island, Washington State.
Times Square to Washington DC - Copyright MacNeil Lyons Images
Times Square, NYC to the Capital Building, Washington DC
December 3, 2007
Lucy and I just recently returned from the second part of our vacation.
This time we visited Washington DC, the Eastern Shore of Maryland and
the heart of New York City and Long Island, NY.
Move your mouse over the image to see a picture of the
Capital Building in Washington D.C..
NYC Christmas Balls - Copyright MacNeil Lyons Images
Downtown NYC - Christmas Balls on display
December 18, 2007
This picture was taken a few weeks ago in New York City.
Just across 6th Avenue from the historic Radio City Music
Hall was a fountain with large, red Christmas Balls. With a
slower shutter speed to highlight the illuminated flowing water it
became almost mesmerizing to watch.
Coyotes & Trumpeter Swan - Copyright MacNeil Lyons Images
Coyotes & Trumpeter Swan - Fishing Bridge, YNP
December 29, 2007
During the cold morning hours, just south of Fishing Bridge in
Yellowstone National Park a coyote killed a signet Trumpeter
swan.  While watching one coyote dominate the kill, two others
conspired to take it away... The two scheming coyotes made their
move and tag-teamed to take the meal.  
Their plan  worked!
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