Image Title:
Fox Images 1 through 7

Photographer's Notes:
    This particular fox was seen in the meadows along
    the Gibbon River much of the winter near Norris
    Geyser Basin.  On this particular day, this fox was
    not successful in its hunt...  Nonetheless, a beautiful
    creature to watch, especially during winter months
    when the red fur coat casts such a contrast against a
    white blanket of snow.

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* Purchased as a set of six, approximately 4"x4" images,
together on one semi-gloss archival paper (as pictured
without the frame) - total cost would be $85.00.
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This framed set of fox images (7"x34") can be purchased for
$385.00 plus shipping.  The set of six images is printed on premium
gloss paper.  The frame is called "Oxford Style Gold" - the
reddish/orange frame enhances the color of the fox coat.  Two
custom, beveled-cut mattes separate the print from the glass. The
top matte is "targa suede" and the bottom matte is "tuscan brown".
The glass is preservation quality (UV/anti-glare).
To purchase this wonderful print, please contact us!
Fox Images - $385.00 - Copyright MacNeil Lyons Images
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