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Photographer's Notes:
    One of my favorite wildflowers in the Northern
    Rocky Mountain Region - the Scarlet paintbrush.
    The flower clusters are not always scarlet in
    color, they can be crimson, rose, purple, pink and
    sometimes 2-toned.

    Some researchers believe that hummingbirds and
    paintbrushes evolved together. Hummingbirds
    need large amounts of very sweet nectar. They
    have few tastebuds and almost no sense of smell,
    but they can see colors and are strongly attracted
    to red and loosely clustered flowers.  Paintbrush
    flowers grow in clusters and many species are
    red. They have no scent, the produce ample
    nectar and their long, narrow tubes have strong
    tissues that are not damaged by the
    hummingbird's long bill.  - Plants of the Rocky
    Mountains, Kershaw, MacKinnon, Pojar, 1998

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