Cougar 10 - Copyright MacNeil Lyons Images
Image Title:
Cougar 10, Big Creek, Montana

Photographer's Notes:
To successfully photograph a mountain lion
in the wild -
you'd better count yourself lucky!  
Most images of cougars are taken on a game farm, in a zoo,
or worse, sedated / dead during a wildlife management
activity.  This
wild mountain lion was 'treed' by dogs that
were trained to track mountain lions for human hunting.  On
this day, this 100+lb female cat was not injured more than a
scratch or two... The dog's owner was training a new dog to
track cats and asked if I was interested in coming along with
my camera... I could not pass up such an opportunity to see a
wild mountain lion!

An elusive animal in North America which is known by over
5 different names - mountain lion, cougar, catamount, puma,
panther, painter, wild cat... This large cat was hunted to near
extinction within Yellowstone's boundaries in the late 1800's,
yet it persevered and has maintained an existence still today,
without conflict with humans.

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