Flicker Breakfast - Copyright MacNeil Lyons Images
Image Title:
Flicker Breakfast, Yellowstone National Park

Photographer's Notes:
    While hiking off-trail in Yellowstone National
    Park's Northern Range, during early summer
    of 2007, I found a flicker nest in an aspen
    tree.  This year I went back to see if I could
    watch the young emerge from the nest... The
    nesting cavity was vacant and I was
    disappointed that I missed an oportunity to
    capture an image like the one you see here.  

    A few weeks past, and in late June of 2008, I
    returned to the same area to look around one
    more time - I caught sight of a Northern
    Flicker!  I watched for about 10 minutes and
    was able to track it to a nearby nesting cavity.
    This year, it was again in an aspen, but a few
    hundred feet away from last year's nest.  I
    captured this image about 8:30 a.m.   I believe
    there were 3-4 beaks sticking out of the hole
    and a great deal of noise came from the nest
    when the parent departed...

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